Partner Universities

RECAS works closely with our partner Universities:

RECAS is Exclusive Representative of all our partner Universities for recruitment of foreign students from all over the World.

RECAS has the following rights from our Partner Universities:

  • To make advertisement for recruitment of students on Internet, newspapers,massmedia etc.. in all countries
  • To attend seminars, exhibitions on behalf of our partner universities
  • To attend scientific research conference on behalf of Universities
  • Represent universities at embassies of Russian Federation abroad
  • Represent Partner Universities
  • To accept students and issue them Acceptance letters on behalf of Universities
  • To assist them in preparing necessary documents for admission and visa
  • To provide students complete information about studies and living in Russia

Contact Us

Address: Belgorod, Russian Federation.
For Students:
Tel / Fax: + 7 499 3227595
WhatsApp/Viber: +7 499 3227595
Skype: recasrussia
For Agents/Representatives/Universities:
Tel / Fax: + 7 472 2777205
WhatsApp/Viber: +7 499 4042729
Skype: recasrussia