Outside Campus Accommodation

The university provides accommodation for  students in the hostels, but the students are free to choose between staying inside the campus or outside the campus in separate apartments rather than the university hostels.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of living outside the campus. Talking about the disadvantages, the major problem with living outside the campus is loneliness. You might have all the best facilities in your apartment but it takes an opportunity of making friends within other International Students of the dormitory away from you.

Another problem you may face is the difficulty of finding a suitable option relatively close to the University. It may become a serious issue in bigger cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, where travelling within the city could take hours if roads are especially busy during the morning and the evening rush hours. 

Speaking of the facilities: it’s not a secret that privacy and convenience of an apartment creates more significant expenses in comparison to the campus accommodation. It is likely for a student to face the obstacle of having to share the apartment with a neighbor, which makes your private place less private.

The main advantage of living outside the campus is that you could live in the apartments which please you with the best facilities. You could also share apartments with friends and divide the rent among yourselves, that can place you in a life of luxury at a price similar to that the university has to offer.

In order to live outside the campus, each year, you would have to inform your college authorities and the local police station under whose jurisdiction the apartment is located. And you would have to enroll your address in your residence permit and get it verified by the police officials. RECAS representatives assist all the students who would like to live outside the campus with all the formalities.

Searching for the appropriate apartment is the most difficult task of all. Approaching real estate agents is a very good option. But you should be proficient in Russian in order to work out a deal or you should  take a Russian friend with you. The agencies are likely to charge you with average service fees, usually ranging from half of the monthly rent or less. But the service fees are worth it since the agents will be taking you on free visits to your  homes, and can easily find you an apartment. Kindly note that RECAS representatives will assist you completely with searching the flat which meets all your requirements.