Postgraduate Education

PhD and Masters programs in all fields.

Russian Universities are well known in the whole world and are fully equipped with all modern facilities. Thousands of well-known scientists, Professors and Academicians teach and work at Russian State Universities. They give a great attribute to the modern world of science.

Russian scientists in all fields are well-known worldwide.

The students wishing to continue their education at PostGraduate/Master’s or PhD level are welcome to contact anytime around the year i.e. without awaiting major intake of September. There are no time restrictions for  postgraduate or Ph.D programs.

The students can continue their PG/ Master’s or PhD level in all programs like Medicine, Engineering, Aviation, Economics, Management, Administration, Civil Engineering, Agriculture, Arts and Culture and many others.

The educational process is mostly conducted in the Russian language. However there is an opportunity to study in the English language regarding a number of popular specialties. 


If you want to apply NOW

Kindly forward us high quality clear scanned copies of the following documents:

  • Filled Application Form 
  • International Passport, the page with picture and data on it (Traveling Document, valid for minimum 2 years)
  • Educational Documents (School Certificate, Bachelor’s Degree certificate  with Transcripts, Master’s Degree certificate with Transcripts )

Duration of Master’s program: 2 years

PhD: 3 years

Training in the Ph.D takes place on the premises of the best laboratories and research institutes.

Postgraduate Doctoral Programs.

The advanced Scientific Degrees in Russia include Doctor’s Degrees of two levels: the Candidate of Sciences (Kandidat Nauk/Ph.D) and the Doctor of Sciences (Doctor Nauk/D.Sc). The Candidate of Sciences degree normally requires at least three years of study. The Doctor of Sciences degree can be earned after a period of further study following the award of the Candidate of Sciences degree. In reality, obtaining the Doctor of Sciences degree requires five years beyond the award of the Candidate of Sciences degree. 

Both university  higher education establishments and research institutions have the right to set up doctoral study programs. Two national bodies, the Ministry of Education and the Russian Academy of Sciences are responsible for the supervision of doctoral studies in higher education establishments and research institutions, respectively. 

The presentation of doctoral dissertation is carried out before a Dissertation Council. Dissertation Councils are organized by the Supreme Certifying Committee (Vysshij Attestatsionnyj Komitet, VAK) of the Russian Federation to accept dissertations in given fields of science for the presentation in accredited Higher education and research institutions. 


World Directory of Medical Schools (WHO)

If a medical university is listed in WHO directory of Medical Schools, the university is recognized all over the world. A complete list of recognized universities in Russia can be found in the WHO directory of medical schools.

The International Medical Education Directory (IMED), USA

It also provides accurate and up-to-date information about international medical universities that are recognized by the appropriate government agency in the countries where the medical schools are located.

General Medical Council, UK

The medical degrees and clinical training gained in Russia are recognized by GMC, London. The doctors who graduate from WHO recognized medical universities in Russia are eligible to work in the UK after passing PLAB and IELTS exams which are conducted regularly in Moscow and other centers around the world. 


The doctors qualifying from the WHO recognized medical universities are eligible to appear for USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Exam) in Moscow or other centers around the world.

Medical Council of India (NMC or MCI)

Indian doctors qualifying (MD/MS/Ph.D) from the recognized Russian medical universities have an opportunity to work in Indian public hospitals as well as be engaged in private practice.