Moscow State University of Printing Arts

Moscow University of Printing Arts is over 85 years old. Back in 1930 Moscow Institute of Graphic Arts was established on the basis of the two faculties of Moscow and Leningrad State Art and Technical Workshops. In 1941 for Editing and Publishing the Moscow Institute was merged with the Moscow University. The growth of the printing industry in the 1950s created a demand to reinforce training and retraining of qualified personnel. This promoted the development of the university. The university grew into one of the largest higher educational establishments in the country. The number of students and teachers increased, and the profiles of the specialties were defined more precisely. In 1961 Moscow University of Printing Arts established of the Division for Improving Professional Skills. In 1965 the branch of the Moscow Institute was established in Leningrad, which is now St. Petersburg's Affiliated Institute with Moscow State University  Printing Arts. The year of 1970  Preparatory Faculty and Faculty for Improving Professional Skills were fomed. In 1987 a publishing house was created for the study process and research work at the Moscow Institute. In later years some production printing units were established as well. In 1992 Moscow Institute was recognized into Moscow Academy of Printing Arts,  and in 1997 Moscow Academy of Printing Arts gained the atatus of university and became Moscow University of Printing Arts. About 6000 students study at the university today, in 30 departments over 400 teachers take care of the study process using new and most effective methods of teaching. Among them 65 persons are Doctors of Science, 227 persons are readers and Candidate of Science, 292 persons have academic ranks and degrees. Over 45000 students has been graduated from Moscow University of Printing Arts.

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• Graphic arts Technology • Printing machines and automatic complexes• Control and Information Science in Technical Systems • Automatic information processing and Control Systems/ Automation and Control • Publishing and Editing• Bibliography• Economics and Management at the printing industry enterprise • Accounting and Audit• Graphics • Container and Packaging