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Ivanovo State Medical Academy is a state educational institution of higher education of Russian Federation, which aims at the development of education, science and culture through research and training at all levels of higher postgraduate and additional medical education. Ivanovo State Medical Academy gains first place among the medical universities in Russia in the number of teachers with academic degrees and titles. In Ivanovo State Medical Academy more than 23 thousand graduates received a start in life. Among them are leading experts, policy makers, scientists, who are recognized in Russian Federation and abroad as well. Ivanovo State Medical Academy was established in 1930 as Ivanovo State Medical Institute. The foundation of the Ivanovo State Medical Institute was dictated by the acute need of medical personnel, the desire to improve the quality of care and concern about the rise of health care in the country. During the first four year the Ivanovo State Medical Institute had only one faculty of medical-prophylaxis with therapeutic and surgical departments. By the end of 1940 the Ivanovo State Medical Institute had 37 departments. In 1984, the Ivanovo State Medical Institute established the Faculty of Advanced Medical, which later converted into additional faculty and postgraduate education  and then into the Institute of Postgraduate Education. In 1993 Ivanovo State Medical Institute organized new faculties of nursing, pre-university training and foreign students. In June 1994, Ivanovo State Medical Institute awarded with the status of the State Medical Academy. Today Ivanovo State Medical Academy has 75 departments with 400 highly qualified teaching staff members. Till date  Ivanovo State Medical Academy has trained 22600 students. Currently 3000 students are studying from Afganistan, Chad, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Cameron, Nigeria, Gabon, Yemen, Jordon, UAE, Congo, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, South Ossetia, China, Vietnam, Turkmenistan, Syria, Mongolia and Kenya.      

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