Kuban State Medical University

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Kuban State Medical University is one of the oldest and leading Medical University in the Krasnodar city of Russian Federation. Kuban State Medical University was established in 1920 as Kuban State Medical Institute. During World War II  the Kuban State Medical University was moved twice in the city of Yerevan and Tyumen. For over 40 years Kuban State Medical Institute had only one medical faculty. In 1963 Kuban State Medical Institute opened the dental faculty. In 1969 Kuban State Medical Institute opened the faculty of Pediatrics. In 1961, the institute received the first foreign students. In 1982, Kuban State Medical Institute introduced the faculty of Advance Medicine. In 1992 Kuban State Medical Institute opened the Faculty of Higher Nursing Education, which in 1997 was transformed into a municipal Medical Institute of Higher Nursing Education. In 1998 Kuban State Medical Institute opened the two more faculties of preventive medicine and pharmacy. In 2005, the Kuban State Medical Institute was accredited by the status of "university". Currently structural division of Kuban State MedicalUniversity includes 64 departments where the university enrolls more than 4,400 people. Today Kuban State Medical University has 624 people of the teaching staff which includes 123 doctors and 371 candidates of sciences, 2 Corresponding Member of Academy of Medical Sciences, 27 academicians and corresponding members of Russian and foreign academies, 2 Honored Worker of Science, 1 laureate, 16 Honorary Doctor of Russia, 4 honored worker of Health of the Russian Federation, 1 honored inventor of the Russian Federation, 1 Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation and 23 Honored Scientists. Till now Kuban State Medical University has trained 28000 students.    

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