Peoples Friendship University of Russia

  • People’s Friendship University Moscow
  • Russia University of People’s Friendship
  • Moscow People’s Friendship University of Russia
  • Friendship University of Russia
Peoples' Friendship University of Russia is a unique university, a large internationally-oriented educational and scientific center which is known in the world for its achievements in the educational process, research and international relations. Peoples' Friendship University is one of the leading university in Russian Federation which is located the Moscow city. Peoples' Friendship University was founded February 5, 1960. In 1961 the University was named after Patrice Lumumba(Prime Minister of Republic of Congo) as one of the symbols of the struggle for the independence of the peoples of Africa. The first rector of the Peoples' Friendship University was Sergey Rumyantsev who was Honorary Scientist of the Russian Federation. In 1965, the first group of the first 228 young professionals from 47 countries graduated from Peoples' Friendship University. In 1992 Peoples' Friendship University named after Patrice Lumumba renamed into the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia. During its 55-year history of the People's Friendship University has received worldwide fame and won a deserved reputation as a classical university. From many years Peoples' Friendship University holds the highest place among the best Russian universities and also rapidly rising in the international rankings. In previous year the People's Friendship University has trained about 27,000 students, residents and fellows from 152 countries of the world. The Peoples' Friendship University has a pedagogical staff consisting of more than 4,500 employees, among them there are about 2,300 teachers, including 500 professors and doctors, more than 1,200 professors and PhDs.

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Teaching staff
Students trained
• Agrarian Faculty
• Faculty of Engineering
• Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
• Faculty Russian Language and general studies
• Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Natural Sciences
• Faculty of Philology
• Ecological Faculty
• Faculty of Economics
• Faculty of Medicine
• Faculty of Law
• Faculty of Foreign Languages
• Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism
• Faculty of International Programs
• Faculty of World Economy and Business
• Faculty of Advanced Studies and Retraining
• Faculty of Applied feasibility studies and examinations
• Faculty of Gravitation and Cosmology
• Faculty of Oriental Medicine
• Faculty of Physical Education and Sport