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chechenEducation at Chechen State University is the beginning of a long journey to promising employment and a successful career. The educational process at Chechen State University is conducted at ten faculties and four institutes.

Chechen State University opened on the 7th of February 1938. Currently around 15000 fulltime and part-time students are receiving education at Chechen State University with 10 Faculties and four Institutes leading the learning process. Chechen State University has 814 teachers, including 55 doctors, professors, 236 candidates of sciences. 

Today the university has its own botanical garden, zoological museum, historical museum, a library with 5 service departments, subscriptions, and reading rooms, a catering plant.

Special attention is paid to expanding partnership links with universities and other institutions. Chechen State University is actively cooperating with Moscow Physics and Technology Institute (MPhTI), Moscow State Mechanical Engineering University (MSMEU), Rostov State Economics University, Pskov State University, Mari State University.

The University has established cooperation links not only with leading universities within Russia but far across its borders too. The University is a member of the Association of Azerbaijani-Russian Universities, collaborates with Science Academy of Georgia and Tbilisi State University, German universities of Vechta, Rostock and Neubrandenburg.

The educational process is organized using modern technologies. The classrooms of CSU are equipped with interactive whiteboards, equipment necessary for video conferencing. Students have access to extensive online library resources, Russian and international databases. The university management attaches great importance to the development of academic mobility of teachers and is actively working on the invitation of well-known Russian and foreign researchers in the scientific and educational environment.

The university offers various areas of training: bachelor’s, master’s and postgraduate programs.

The faculties of Chechen State University:

-          Agro-Technology Institute,

-          Faculty of Biology and Chemistry,

-          Institute of the Chechen and General Philology

-          Institute of Further Professional Education

-          Faculty of Information and Technologies.

-          Faculty of History

-          Faculty of Medicine

-          Faculty of Geography and Geoecology

-          Faculty of State Management

-          Faculty of Foreign Languages

-          Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

-          Faculty of Physics and Information Technology

-          Faculty of Economics and Finance

-          Faculty of Law


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