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rudnPeoples' Friendship University of Russia also known as RUDN University, is an educational and research institution located in Moscow. It was established in 1960 to provide higher education to Third World students.

This University is a state university under the Government of the Russian Federation, occupying one of the top places among classical universities in Russia and a leading position in training of international students.

The quantity of students is 21,484. The university staff includes about 5,000 employees; among them there are 442 professors and Doctors of Science, 807 associate professors and candidates of science, 91 academicians and Corresponding Members of academies of Russia, 50 Honored workers of Science of the Russian Federation, 56 PFUR teachers and professors are full members of international academies and learned societies, as well as other general employees.

Many foreign and Russian political and public figures, scholars and scientists have become PFUR Emeritus Professors. They include the presidents of Namibia, Angola, Sri Lanka, the South African Republic, Gabon, Guyana and Nigeria; the prime ministers of Bangladesh and Kazakhstan; a UN Chief Executive Officer on Education, Culture and Science; and a Director of CEPES.

RUDN University offers any specialization e.g. technical, scientific, medical, economic, humanitarian one. At RUDN University an ambitious student has an opportunity to become a theoretically and practically advanced specialist.

The common language here is the Russian language. All foreign students pass through the preparatory\foundation course, where during one year they receive accelerated courses of the Russian language and the necessary scientific language for their future studies. Foreign Graduates are certified, after taking appropriate exams, as interpreters of Russian.

The faculties of this university are:

  • - the faculty of Economics,
  • - the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences,
  • - the faculty of Science,
  • - Ecological faculty,
  • - Faculty of Russian Language and General Educational Disciplines
  • - Philological Faculty


  • - Institute of Medicine
  • - Institute of World Economy and Business
  • - Hotel Business and Tourism Institute
  • - Law Institute
  • - Institute of Biochemical Technology and Nanotechnology
  • - Institute of Space Technology
  • - Academic Research Institute of Gravitation and Cosmology
  • - Institute of Foreign Languages
  • - Agrarian and Technological Institute

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