Geological / Mining Universities

Bashkir State University “Faculty of Geology and Geomarphology”
Belgorod State Technological University “Faculty of Mining”
Belgorod State University “Faculty of Mining”
Far Eastern Federal University “Faculty of Geology, GeoPhysics and GeoEcology”
Irkutsk State Technical University “Institute of Mineral Resources Management and Processing”
Irkutsk State University “Geology Faculty”
Kazan Federal University “Institute of Geology”
Kuban State University “Geological Faculty”
Kuzbass State Technical University “Mining Institute”
Lipetsk State Technical University “Metallurgical Institute”
Magnitogorsk State Technical University “Institute of Mining”
Moscow State Mining University
Moscow State University named after M.V.Lomonosov “Faculty of Geology”
Moscow State University of Mechanical Engineering “Faculty of Mining”
National Mineral Research Universiy (University of Mining)
Norilsk State Industrial Institute “Mining Technical Faculty”
North Caucasus State Metallurgical Institute (State Technical University)
North Eastern State University “Faculty of Geology and Mining”
North Western Federal University named after M.K.Amossov “Institute of Mining”
Novosibirsk State University “Geology and GeoPhysics Faculty”
Orenburg State University “Faculty of Geology and Mineral Resources”
Perm State University “Geology Faculty”
Petrozavodsk State University “Mining-Geological Faculty”
Russian State Geological Prospecting University
Russian State Hydrometeorological University
Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute named after G.V.Plekhanov (State University)
Saint Petersburg State University “Geology Faculty”
Saratov State University “Faculty of Geology”
Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technology
South Russian State Polytechnic University (Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute)
Southern Federal University “Institute of Land Sciences”
Southwest State University “Mining Faculty”
Tomsk Polytechnic University “Institute of Mineral Resources”
Tomsk State University “Geological Faculty”
Tula State University “Institute of Mining”
Tver State Technical University “Applied Geology, Mining, Oil and Gas, Geodesy
Ukhta State Technical University “Institute of Geology”
Ural State Mining University
Vorkutinsk Mining Institute
Voronezh State University “Faculty of Geology”
Yugra State University “Mining Institute”
Zabaikal State University “Mining Faculty”

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