Voronezh State Academy of Arts

Voronezh State Academy of Arts

  • Voronezh Academy of Art
  • Voronezh University of Art
  • Voronezh State University of Art
  • Voronezh Insitute of Art

Voronezh State Academy of Art is one of the leading centers of art and culture of Voronezh region. Voronezh State Academy of Arts was founded in 1971. Since then it has trained almost three thousands actors, musicians and artists. Hundreds of them have a brilliant career, they are laureates of international competitions, prestigious awards, received honors and awards in the field of art. Famous opera singer Irina Lungu and Irina Makarova, theater directors Yuri Muravitsky and Boris Yukhananov, playwright German Grekov studied in the Academy. Voronezh State Academy of Art was founded in 1971 as the Voronezh State Institute of Arts. The first rector of the institute became VN Shaposhnikov. In 1998, the Voronezh State Institute of Arts received its current name Voronezh State Academy of Arts. Today Voronezh State Academy of Art has 3 faculties where more than 400 students study here singing, painting, playing musical instruments, orchestral and choral conducting, acting. 

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