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Kuban State University was first opened and created by the Institute of Public Education in Krasnodar  in September 1920. Its first elected rector was a former general of the royal army, a prominent scientist and historian and expert on ancient paleography Nicander A. Marx .During the financial crisis in Soviet Russia led to the abolition of many universities, including the KubanStateUniversity. Students and teachers of the university moved to the only preserved the institution - Institute for Public Education, which was renamed as  Cuban Higher Pedagogical Institute.

September 19, 1924 decision of the CPC (Council of People’s Commissars) of the RSFSR(RussianSovietFederativeSocialistRepublic)  Cuban Higher Pedagogical Institute was approved, among other educational institutions of the country. It was created six training departments. In 1931, it was temporarily renamed the Kuban Pedagogical Institute of Agronomy. In the late 40s the institution has carried the official name of the Krasnodar State Pedagogical Institute. February 18, 1970 Krasnodar State Pedagogical Institute was transformed into the KubanStateUniversity.

Kuban State University today is recognized in the country and the world's largest educational and scientific complex. In 2002, KubanStateUniversity was awarded the Russian-Swiss Business Club Gold Medal for excellent business reputation, and in 2004 and 2005 entered the hundred best universities in Russia and awarded a Gold Medal "European Quality".

In 2009, according to the rating of an independent rating agency "Reuter" Kuban State University ranked among the best universities in the world. Kuban State University ranked 314 in the world, becoming the 10th among Russian universities and ahead of all the educational institutions of the Southern Federal District.

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