RECAS Services

RECAS provides following services for Students:

Services to New Students:

    • Prompt replies our students through E-mail or phone
    • Assistance in selecting the best University for a certain program
    • Assistance in choosing appropriate Bachelor/Master program
    • Issuance of Admission Confirmation letter 
    • Invitation letter from a certain/recommended University from FMS (Federal Migration Service)
    • VISA support letter from the Federal Migration Services (through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
    • Assistance in getting Russian Study visa from Russian Embassy in student's home country
    • Airport pick up (RECAS representative holds Official permission and Identity to avoid any unpleasant circumstances for a student).
    • Airport pick up from all International airports in the Russian Federation.
    • Transportation to the University
    • Assistance in Immigration Clearance on Arrival
    • Accommodation arrangement in hostels.
    • Assistance in Health Insurance
    • Assistance in Medical check-ups on Arrival
    • Assistance in Registration with University and Department of Visa and Registration (OVIR)
    • Assistance in Tuition fee payments to the University
    • Student's ID card, hostel card, International student's card (free of charge)
    • Opening a bank account in Russia
    • Support to our students during the whole studying period
    • Arrangement of separate rooms for female students
    • Extension of visa from FMS (Federal Migration Services) department
    • Visa support during the entire period of study
    • Orientation program for students in the local environment (city exploration)

Service for Parents / Guardians:

    • Informing them about their child academic achievements
    • Sending academic results of every semester of their child (upon their request)
    • Obtaining and sending the tourist invitation letter to obtain visa to visit Russia
    • Reservation of a hostel and other places for our clients
    • Transferring our clients from airport to hostels/hotels
    • Delivering a car and drivers for daily excursion
    • Delivering translator

P.S.: Parents can contact us anytime for any issues about their child. 


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Contact Us

RECAS – “Russian Education Centre for African & Asian Students”.

Address: Room No.1, Street Pobedy 69A,
Belgorod, Russian Federation.
For Students:
Ph / Fax: +7 499 3227595
WhatsApp/Viber: +7 499 3227595

For Agents/Representatives/Universities:
Ph / Fax: +74994906466
WhatsApp/Viber: +74994906466

Skype: recasrussia

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Contact Us

Address: Belgorod, Russian Federation.
For Students:
Tel / Fax: + 7 499 3227595
WhatsApp/Viber: +7 499 3227595
Skype: recasrussia

For Agents/Representatives/Universities:
Tel / Fax: +74994906466
WhatsApp/Viber: +74994906466
Skype: recasrussia