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Dagestan State Medical Academy is a higher education institution in the Republic of Dagestan. Dagestan State Medical Academy is 83 old medical institution, which was formed in 1932. Dagestan State Medical Academy is a major educational, scientific and medical center.  The structure of Dagestan State Medical Academy consists of 6 faculties, 70 departments, Institute of Human Ecology, consultative and diagnostic polyclinic, College of Medicine, Department of Computer and Information center technical support, analytical department, Internet Point, Scientific Medical Library, Sports Complex, publishing and printing center. Dagestan State Medical Academy has highly skilled faculty, characterized by high professionalism and dedication.  At the Dagestan State Medical Academy there are 736 teachers. Among them, 121 - doctors and professors, 429 associate professors, 4 Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, 41 Honored Scientist, 24 Honorary Doctor of Russia, and 15  honored inventors and innovators. Currently, the Dagestan State Medical Academy enrolled 5,200 students in 6 specialties, among them more than 170 foreign nationals from 12 countries. Over the past 83 years, Dagestan State Medical Academy has become a real medical school of research which has created more than 27,000 doctors.

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