Novosibirsk State University (National Research University)

  • Novosibirsk State UniversityAcademy of Sciences of the USSR (1958)
  • Novosibirsk State University (1959)
  • Novosibirsk Red Banner of Labor State University named after Lenin Komsomol (1984)
  • Novosibirsk State University of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation (1998)
  • State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "Novosibirsk State University" (1999)
  • Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "Novosibirsk State University” (National Research University) (2009)

Novosibirsk State University is a prestigious educational institution of higher education in Russia. Novosibirsk State University was established in 1959 year. Novosibirsk State University is located in the Novosibirsk city which is the third largest city of Russia after Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Every year Novosibirsk State University welcomes thousands of students all around the world. In Novosibirsk State University there are about 3400 students from 32 different countries in bachelor and master courses. In last intake 950 students was enrolled in Novosibirsk State University, among which 30% students were Indian Nationals. There are plenty of courses available in Novosibirsk State University like Medicine, Engineering, Geology, Journalism and etc. Students can choose the course of their interest, get enroll and pursue their education. The best part is that Novosibirsk State University provides all courses with Russian as well English mode of instructions.

Novosibirsk State University campus spread in very vast area, its structure consists 7 academy buildings, 12 institutes, 3 research centers, 7 sanatoriums, 13 dormitories, health club, cafeteria, 3 libraries, gymnasium and event center. Novosibirsk State University has 98 departments with the teaching staff of 1200 teachers, professors, doctors, researchers and candidate of science. Novosibirsk State University provides peaceful, friendly and comfortable environment which helps students to blend in and concentrate on their studies. 

Novosibirsk State University holds 5th position in Russia and 23rd in the list of State Universities around the world.  In year 2014  " Expert RA " Russian and International Credit Rating Agency has rated Novosibirsk State University class" A " which is stands for very high level of training of graduates within Russia and Europe. The diplomas and degrees of Novosibirsk State University are accepted worldwide, which is why number of foreign students are increasing every year.

In Novosibirsk State University courses are available in both Russian and English mode of instruction. It’s a choice of a student that which language they want to study. For the students who are willing to study Russian medium/ mode of instruction in Russian language must do language course for one year. The tuition fee Novosibirsk State University is depends on the language students choose to study their courses, courses taught in Russian languages are bit cheaper then courses taught in English.

Faculties of Novosibirsk State University

  • Higher College of Informatics
  • Geological and Geophysical
  • Humanities
  • Medicine
  • Mechanics and Mathematics
  • Journalism
  • Science
  • Information Technology
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Foreign Languages
  • Physics
  • Philosophy
  • Economics
  • Law

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