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Altai State University is the higher education institution located in the city of Barnaul of Russian Federation. Altai State University was established in 1973. Altai State University is a major research center, which is composed of three research institutes, laboratories, including collaboration with the Institute of Sciences, research centers, technology parks, research sector. In recent years, the Altai State University has developed new technology of aerospace for sensing Earth's surface, obtained 7 patents on high-technology for recycling the waste of raw materials and carries out major work in the field of information technology and modern educational technologies. Currently   Altai State University conducts training on 84 specialties and directions, 57 master's programs. Education for postgraduate study is carried out on 58 specialties and doctorate in 20 specialties in the field of physical and mathematical, chemical, biological, technical, historical, economic, philosophical, philological, legal, educational, psychological, sociological, political science, art history and Earth Sciences.

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