Chechen State University

Chechen State University

  • Grozny Pedagogical Institute
  • Grozny State Pedagogical Institute
  • Chechen-Ingush State Pedagogical Institute
  • Chechen-Ingush State University named after Leo Tolstoy

Chechen State University is a higher education center in the Grozny city which is the capital of Republic of Chechen of Russian Federation. Chechen State University was established in 1938 as a two-year Teachers' Training Institute, which was prepared on the basis of primary school teachers. In 1941 the Teachers' Training Institute was reorganized and renamed into Chechen-Ingush State Pedagogical Institute, which later grew into the Chechen-Ingush State University named after LN Tolstoy. In 1995 the university was renamed into Chechen State University. Today, the Chechen State University has 81 departments and pedagogical staff of the 1100 teachers. The Chechen State University consists of 10 faculties and 3 institutes, which has about 17,000 students. Since its establishment Chechen State University has trained approximately 64000 professionals and specialists.

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