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Kursk State Medical University is one of the largest, oldest and leading university of Russian Federation in Kursk city. Kursk State Medical University is considered to be center of education, science and culture in Kursk region. Kursk State Medical University was established in 1935 by the order of Ministry of Health and Education USSR. In 1940 Kursk State Medical University prepared its first academic year with four theoretical departments of anatomy, biology, general chemistry and physics. That time the first clinical departments were placed in regional clinical and CityHospital. During World War II Kursk State Medical University was evacuated to Alma –Ala city. From December 1941 to January 1944 the students, professors and teachers of Kursk State Medical University was partly been part of the Kazakh Medical Institute. In 1945 Kursk State Medical University was restored in Kursk city. By 1955 Kursk State Medical University completely restored the educational building with two dormitories, Department of Physical Education, equipped sports hall, dining room and library. On June 30, 2013 the Kursk State Medical University enrolled 8,036 students, in which 5498 students of higher education, 791 students of secondary vocational education, 1122 interns, residents and graduate students, 762  health professionals enrolled in additional graduate education programs. Since 1935 Kursk State Medical University has trained over 26000 professionals. Today Kursk State Medical University has seven academic buildings, equipped with educational and scientific equipment, six well-organized student dormitories, united in the campus. Currently Kursk Medical University has 67 departments. There are 752 faculty members who are involved in the educational process and research work at the department. Among them there are 115 doctors and 408 candidates of sciences.  

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Teaching staff
Students trained
• General Medicine
• Preventive Medicine
• Pediatrics
• Pharmacy
• Biotechnology
• Chemical Engineering
• Clinical Psychology
• Social Work
• Economics and Health Care Management
• Postgraduate Education
• Preparatory
• Dentistry/Stomatology
• Secondary vocational education

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