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Peoples' Friendship University is one of the leading Universities of the Russian Federation. Peoples' Friendship University in Russia is the largest international-oriented teaching and research center, which is widely known in the world for its achievements in the educational process, research and international relations. Peoples' Friendship University was founded on February 5, 1960 by the order of the Government of the USSR. In 1961 the University was named after Patrice Lumumba. Sergey Rumyantsev was the first rector of the University, who was the Honorary Scientist of the Russian Federation. In 1964, the University became a member of the International Association of Universities. In 1965, the first batch of 228 students from 47 countries graduated from the university. By 1975, the University had trained about 5600 specialists, including 4250 graduates from 89 foreign countries. In the 1990s, the university opened new departments of environment, economic, law, philology, humanities and social sciences, professional development of teachers of Russian as a foreign language, continuing medical education and training institutions, foreign languages, the global economy and business, distance education, Hospitality and Tourism, Gravitation and Cosmology, created a system of pre-university and secondary vocational education. In 2000, the University opened the department of comparative educational policy. During its 55-year history of  People's Friendship University has gained worldwide fame and earned well-deserved prestige as a classical university. For many years People's Friendship University has held the highest place among the best Russian universities and rapidly risen in the international rankings. Till 2014  People's Friendship University has trained about 28,000 students, residents and fellows from 152 countries of the world.  People's Friendship University has 165 departments where more than 4500 employees work, among them there are about 2,300 teachers, including 500 professors and doctors, more than 1,200 professors and PhDs.  

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• General Medicine• Agrarian• Engineering• Humanities and Social Sciences• Russian Language • Physics, Mathematics and Natural Sciences• Philology• Ecology• Economics• Law • Foreign Languages• Hospitality and Tourism• International Programs• World Economy and Business• Advanced Studies and Internship• Techno-Economic Analysis and Examination• Gravitation and Cosmology