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Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University (formerly known as Russian State Medical University or RSMU) is a medical education institute in Moscow, Russia founded in 1906. It is fully accredited and recognized by Russia's Ministry of Education and Science and is currently under the authority of the Ministry of Health and Social Development. Named after Russian surgeon and pedagogue N.I. Pirogov (1810-1888), it is one of the largest medical institutions and the first university in Russia to allow women to acquire degrees. It is especially notable in comparison to Moscow's other two premier medical universities in that it focuses on gearing students for careers in medical and scientific research, rather than medical practice. The University is actively involved in the development of a system of continuing professional education and the accreditation of specialists to medical activities. Since 1959, we have been accepting international students. Since 2013, we have been offering university programs in English, as well as double degree programs with European universities. The University organizes its academic affairs in 115 academic chairs, which are divided into eight faculties. More than 2000 teachers offer lectures, seminars and practical laboratory classes in the natural, humanitarian and medical sciences in more than 250 courses. We are actively engaged in research and implementation of our developments in clinical practice. In 2010, we - the only among medical educational centers - received the status of a National Research University. The University’s clinical centers offer modern treatment for children and adults of all ages. We also conduct active preclinical and clinical studies (including on a contract basis) of new drugs and medical equipment. We are looking forward to seeing you in our Russian National Research Medical University. The road to the future begins with the first step and we would be happy to help you to choose the right direction. We will provide you with optimal conditions for efficient studying at our University.   

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