Moscow Conservatory (University)

  • Moscow State University of Music and Arts
  • Moscow State Academy of Music and Arts
  • Moscow State Institute of Music and Arts
  • Moscow University of Music and Arts
Moscow State Conservatory is one of the oldest and higher musical educational institute of Russia in Moscow city. Moscow State Conservatory was opened as a small branch of the Russian Musical Society in 1860. Nikolai Rubinstein (famous pianist) was the founder of Moscow State Conservatory. Rubinstein had long dreamed of an institution of higher music institutions, and was able to realize his plan through a well-deserved reputation of the Musical Society. Enlisting the support of the royal family, he managed to raise the necessary funds for the creation of the Moscow Conservatory. In 1868 Moscow State Conservatory enrolled 184 students. As the number of students raised to 500, the Conservatory needed its own concert hall. In 1901, Moscow State Conservatory completed the construction of a new building and celebrated the opening of the Great Hall (1800 seats) of the Moscow Conservatory. In 1986, the Great Hall was named after "Rahmaninov" the great composer and graduate of the Moscow Conservatory.  Moscow State Conservatory has the best soloists and musical groups of the world, music festivals and prestigious competitions. Many Graduates of Moscow State Conservatory  are recognized stars in world of performing arts. Currently Moscow Conservatory given the status of a university that has no more than one musical institution of the country. 

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