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  • Russian State Aviation Technology University Moscow
Moscow State Aviation Technology University (Moscow Institute of Civil Aviation) is a state institution of higher education in Moscow. Moscow State Aviation Technology University founded in 1971 as a leading higher educational institutions of Russia in the field of Civil Aviation. Basic training in the field of aviation and space technology the Moscow State Aviation Technology University consider to be the best university among all Russian universities. Moscow State Aviation Technology University was formed in 1971 by the order of Council of Ministers USSR. In July 1971 the first batch of 2503(220 fulltime,2303 correspondence) students were enrolled. In June 1972 Moscow State Aviation Technology University created an independent Correspondence School with correspondence and mechanical departments. In August 1972 faculty of  electronic computers and  automated control systems were introduced . In 1974 the Institute began training of engineers and economists in the specialty of Organization and Production Planning which was year later organized as a Faculty of Automation and Computer Engineering. In June 1981 Moscow State Aviation Technology University celebrated its tenth anniversary. By this time the Institute had 4 faculties and 27 departments. As the time passed the Moscow State Aviation Technology University opened more faculties and expended the field of specialization. In 1996 Moscow State Aviation Technology University already had 3 doctoral (6 specialties) and one council candidates(3 specialties). Today Moscow State Aviation Technology University is a leading institution of higher education for Russian aviation training for civil aviation. The structure of Moscow State Aviation Technology University 28 departments with 608 professors, 9 industrial research laboratories and Center of advanced training for Air Transport of the Russian Federation. The Moscow State Aviation Technology University has two branches in Irkutsk and Rostov-on-Don, as well as 5 Aviation Technical College in Yegorievsk, Irkutsk, Kirsanov, Ryl'sk and Troitsk. Till now over 47000 students has been trained in Moscow State Aviation Technology University.    

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