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Moscow State Technical University (Bauman Moscow State Technical University) is the first technical university in Russia. Moscow State Technical University is Russia's National Research University, ResearchCenter and valuable object of cultural heritage for the peoples of Russia. July 1, 1830 Emperor Nicholas I approved the Regulations for the handicraft school. The aim of the school was to teach various crafts in conjunction with deep theoretical knowledge. By 1868 the quality of education in the "craft school" has become so high that it was reorganized into a special institution of higher education - the Imperial Moscow Technical College. The main purpose of Imperial Moscow Technical College was to form engineers, architects, mechanical engineers. During Soviet Times the Imperial Moscow Technical College was renamed into Moscow Higher TechnicalSchool. In 1938, Moscow Higher Technical School opened the new department of defense, later in 1948 the Faculty of rocketry was added. In July 27, 1989 by the decision of the USSR State Committee for Public Education, Moscow Higher Technical School was named after NE Bauman and awarded by the status of a technical university. Till now University has trained about 200 thousand engineers who are known public figures of high rank, outstanding chief designers, famous scientists, managers of large organizations and astronauts. Today Bauman Moscow State Technical University has 1800 students in 70 departments and teaching staff of 4500 professors and teachers.       

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Teaching staff
Students trained
• Biomedical Engineering
• Engineering and Business Management
• Informatics and control systems
• Linguistics
• Engineering Technology
• Electronics and Laser Technology
• Robotics and complex automation
• Social and Human Sciences
• Special machines
• Basic Science
• Sport and Recreation
• Power-plant engineering
• Law, intellectual property and forensics
• Radio Engineering
• Rocket and Space Technology
• Opto-Electronic Instrument
• Instrument-Making
• Aerospace