Irkutsk State Technical University

  • Irkutsk Technical University
  • Irkutsk Technical Academy
  • Irkutsk Technical Institute
  • Irkutsk Technical College
Irkutsk State Technical University was opened in May 1930 in Irkutsk city as Siberian Mining Institute, to began training for the gold mining industry. In 1938 Irkutsk State Technical University renamed as an Mining and Metallurgy Institute and in 1960 Irkutsk State Technical University became the Polytechnic Institute. In 1950 on the basis of Mining and Metallurgical Institute began training engineers and opened new departments: Civil, Mechanical, Chemical Technology, Engineering, Geological Survey. In 1970 there were 8 faculties of the Institute which trained specialists in 39 profiles. On the left bank of ANGARA river Institute built a town with a large academic buildings, dormitories and stadiums. Institute became the largest university in Irkutsk. In June 1978 first edition of Architects were made by the department of architectural design. Rector (Prof) SB Leonov played a major role in the development of the university. In the 1990s, the Irkutsk State Technical University organized a new humanities faculties and in 1993 received the status of a technical university. Irkutsk State Technical University become the largest university in Eastern Siberia, which enrolled more than 15,000 students. In Irkutsk State Technical University students are citizens of the Russian Federation and from 18 countries. Today Irkutsk State Technical University more than 100 departments.

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Teaching staff
Students trained
• Faculty of Transport Systems
• Energetic faculty
• Faculty of Cybernetics
• Faculty of Engineering Technology and computerization
• Faculty of Chemical and Metallurgical
• Mining faculty
• Faculty of Geology
• Faculty of Building and Urban Affairs
• Architecture faculty
• Faculty of Business and Management
• Faculty of Law, Sociology and Media
• Faculty of Fine Arts
• The Faculty of Applied Linguistics
• Faculty of Military Studies
• Extramural and evening faculty
• International (preparatory) Faculty
• Faculty professional development of teachers
• Faculty of pre-university education
• Faculty of postgraduate training
• Faculty of secondary vocational education
• Geological survey college
• Engineering College
• Technical College
• Chemical Technology College
• Siberian-German Faculty of Engineering