Kazan Federal University

General Information 

Kazan Federal University is a public research university located in Kazan, Russia. It was founded in 1804 as Imperial Kazan University and become the largest university in Russia with high-quality infrastructure and advanced teaching methods, which make it very popular among Indian as well as international students. 

Every year more than 50,000 local and international students are enrolled in the studying process. University has more than 700 degree programs at the undergraduate level of study and postgraduate level of education. The university’s outlook is also reflected in both research and exchange opportunities. KFU students and faculty members participate in research projects and exchange programs with 300+ partners in 64 countries.

The mission of Kazan Federal University was to develop a strong research and academic hub with the support of the innovative region and country development by providing world-class academic programs, research development, and technological development. 

The University has come up with 17 research centers of excellence and 80 world-class research and teaching laboratories in recent years. For many years, Kazan Federal University has been training specialists for foreign countries. The Kazan Federal University is listed among the most reputed universities around the globe. Today, they work in the USA, Israel, Germany, France, Cuba, Australia, China, Mongolia, Finland, Singapore, Ukraine, and many other countries.

Study Programs

University provides studying processes at the following faculties and institutes:

  • Institute of Physics
  • N.I. Lobachevsky Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics
  • Institute of Computational Mathematics and Information Technologies
  • Institute of Information Technologies and Intelligent Systems
  • Institute of Engineering
  • Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies
  • Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology
  • Institute of Environmental Sciences
  • Alexander Butlerov Institute of Chemistry
  • Institute of Social and Philosophical Sciences and Mass Communications
  • Institute of International Relations
  • Institute of Psychology and Education
  • Faculty of Law
  • Institute of Design and Spatial Arts

Accommodation and Housing 

University has great infrastructure and technical facilities and their dormitories. These are student attractions, especially for international students who leave their homes for a long stay. Students get a choice of single rooms, double rooms, and triple sharing rooms. University hostel is equipped with all the necessary items such as almirahs, selves, beds, chairs, tables, etc. All facilities available within the campus itself, a supermarket, café, clinic, pharmacy store, etc. the hostel is 24 hours under CCTV surveillance.

All rooms are shared between 2-4 students and are fully supplied with all needed furniture and technologies. Every room has a permanent Wi-Fi connection, a system of central heating, air conditioning, and a permanent electricity supply. The rooms are equipped with beds, desks, chairs, and wall shelves for each student. Wardrobes and shoe racks located in the hallway are shared by the students living in the unit as well as a refrigerator. Blankets, pillows, and bed sheets are also provided to students.