Moscow Institute of Medico-Social Rehabilitation

General Information

Moscow Institute for Medical and Social Rehabilitation was created in 1991 to train rehabilitators, and specialists with a system of knowledge synthesis in the fields of medicine, psychology, sociology, cybernetics, economics, ecology, demography, and the rehabilitation branch. Now it is one of the most popular study destinations among international students who want to study medical sciences.

Institute is worldwide famous for its innovative approach to the studying process. It is recognized by the Medical Council of India, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, the National Medical Commission (NMC), and the World Health Organization (WHO). 

The Moscow Institute for Medical and Social Rehabilitation has more than 18 study departments and its academic staff consists of 50 qualified teachers. Around 2,000 students have been trained since 1992 and received quality medical and rehabilitation education.

The Moscow Institute of Medical and Social Rehabilitation has a state license and state accreditation to conduct educational activities. It takes place in the Institute of modern research laboratories in cooperation with foreign educational institutions and international organizations.

Study Programs

Institute provides a studying process for the following specialties:

  • General Medicine
  • Psychology and Social Work
  • Physiology and Rehabilitation 
  • Health Care 

Accommodation and Housing 

Moscow Institute for Medical and Social Rehabilitation provides accommodation for all its international students and academic staff. The convenient and renovated dormitory is well-furnished and ready to become a second home to all its residents. Rooms are shared between 2 or 3 people and supplied with TV, free Wi-Fi, and separate bathrooms. 

The whole hostel units remain under the surveillance of CCTV cameras and special security guards. Visitors are only allowed after identification. Students have access to all dormitory rooms such as laundry rooms, studying rooms, reading rooms, common canteen, separated bathrooms, and resting rooms.