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Kazan State Medical University is a 200-year-old University, that makes it one of the oldest Universities in the Russian Federation. Kazan State Medical University is a multi-functional multi-level state medical school in Kazan city. On November 18 1804 Emperor Alexander I established  Kazan Imperial University where Kazan State Medical University was opened on May 15, 1814 as a Medical Faculty of the Kazan Imperial University. In the course of time the faculty of Medicine grew slowly and spontaneously. During the 19th Century the department of biochemistry, physiology, medicine, histology, path-physiology, eye disease, surgery, psychiatry and nerve diseases were introduced. In November 1930 the Medical Faculty of Kazan Imperial University became Kazan State Medical Institute, an independent institution with medical and sanitation departments. On April 24, 1994 Kazan State Medical Institute received a university status. Currently, Kazan State Medical University is a part of the Higher Education and Scientific Research center of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. Kazan State Medical University provides education in accordance with the licenses and certificates issued by the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Education and Science. The quality of their programs are accredited and meets the standards and criteria of professional accreditation, comparable with European standards. Training of specialists in Kazan State Medical University is  performed in 9 specialties at six faculties. Kazan State Medical University conducts the training of medical personnel in various specialties in 12 regions of the Russian Federation. Kazan State Medical University has trained more than 24000 students from 49 countries. Currently Kazan State Medical University has 79 Departments with the staff of 660 qualified teachers. Today Kazan State Medical  University is the leader among Russian medical schools in the number of students. Kazan State Medical University has created all necessary conditions for the development, training and accommodation of students. There are 6 dormitories, including a hostel and Medical and Pharmaceutical College.  

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