Petlyakov Taganrog Avaition College

General Information

Petlyakov Taganrog Aviation College is one of the oldest educational institutions in the South of Russia. Petlyakov Taganrog Aviation College is a secondary specialized educational institution that was established in connection with the perceived need for qualified technicians for the fast-growing industry of Taganrog and mining areas of Donbas. 

Taganrog Aviation College was founded in 1899 as Taganrog Technical School which in 1920 changed into Taganrog Metallurgical College and in 1930 it became Taganrog Aviation College. Taganrog Aviation College continues to train specialists in their traditional specialties in the fields of Aircraft Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Software Technology, and Automated Systems. Today Taganrog Aviation College has 7 study faculties, 44 study departments, and a staff of 650 qualified teachers. Every year Taganrog Aviation College enrolls 3,500 prominent students. Since 1899 Taganrog Aviation College has trained 45,000 professionals in aircraft and engineering.

The College trains specialists in the specialties «Production of aircraft», «Engineering technology», and «Software of computer equipment and automated systems». In 1993 the specialty «Maintenance and repair of road transport» was opened. 

The College curriculum penetrates the overall aerospace field including aircraft and spacecraft design, flight operations, air traffic management, logistics, air and space law, and airport management. It also carries out co-research with world-renowned global corporations such as GE (General Electrics), Airbus, and, etc. The college consistently pursues the Russian top educational establishment in science, technology, and aerospace by allocating substantial efforts to all education-related environments.

Study Programs

The college provides studying processes in such faculties:

  • Faculty of Aviation Instruments
  • Faculty of Computer Science and Robotics
  • Faculty of Aviation Technology Systems
  • Faculty of Protection in Emergencies

Accommodation and Housing 

Taganrog Aviation College provides its students with renovated dormitories in a convenient location with the main study building and needed for comfortable living facilities. The college is surrounded by parks, food stores, gyms, a shopping mall, and a bank. Every student can visit cafes, restaurants, and museums or go on to walk in the city center.

The student dormitory consists of two three-story buildings. Buildings: “A” and “B” are laterally reversed. There are single and double rooms on every level. Rooms are renovated and equipped with all the needed modern technologies such as cable TV, free Wi-Fi, central heating, and air conditioning systems. Every dorm resident has free access to all rooms such as common kitchens, laundry rooms, living rooms, study rooms, and computer rooms.

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