Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy

General Information 

Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy is a federal institution of higher professional education in Saint Petersburg city. Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy was established in 1876. Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy prepares experts for the civilian merchant fleet and provides its students with permanent assistance concerning studying and research activities.

Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy conducts training following state educational standards that conform to the requirements of the Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping Convention (STCW) and International Maritime Organization (IMO). Academy held training of engineers for domestic vessels, as well as targeted training to serve the Northern Sea Route. 

Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy has 13 faculties, and 78 departments with 8 branches. Today in Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy training of 5,600 students is conducted under the staff of 1,200 qualified professionals. Till now Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy has trained over 56,000 marine professionals in private and government sectors.

The studying process for Engineering faculty takes place at the Campus in Strelna. It gives the ability to have practical courses for specialties such as botmasters, ship mechanics, electrical engineering, radio engineering, specialists in the management of maritime transport, hydrographers, oceanologists, and meteorologists. The university also has a virtual branch of the Russian Museum that has been opened on the basis of the Department of History and Culture.

Study Programs

Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy provides studying processes at the following faculties:

  • Faculty of Naval Architecture;
  • Faculty of Ocean Technics and Technical Systems of Marine Infrastructure;
  • Faculty of Ship Power Plants;
  • Faculty of Operation of Transport
  • Faculty of Technological Machines and Facilities: Operation of Port Cargo;
  • Faculty of Transhipment Equipment and Terminals;
  • Faculty of Electrical Energy and Electrical Technics;
  • Faculty of Electric Drives and Automation.

Accommodation and Housing 

Student Dormitory has eight rooms per floor, with 2-3 people per room. Each floor also has one kitchen and two toilets, and the basement has a shower. All rooms have access to free Wi-fi and are equipped with essential modern amenities like a pillow, blanket, bedsheet, beds, tables, and chairs that are already added to the basic necessity list. For student recreation gyms, reading rooms and sports complex facilities are also available.

Every hostel resident can use every common room in the building, including the library, gym, canteen, and resting rooms. All rooms are well-furnished and ready to use at every time and day.  Entrances to the building are equipped with video surveillance and security posts. Every room fully has modern furniture and technical equipment, such as central heating and air conditioning systems, permanent Wi-Fi, and cable TV. 

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