Our Universities

RECAS works closely with our partner Universities you can find below.

RECAS is an Exclusive Representative of all our partner Universities for the recruitment of international students from all over the World.

RECAS has the following rights given by our Partner Universities:

  • To make advertisements for the recruitment of students on the Internet, newspapers, mass media etc. worldwide
  • To attend seminars, exhibitions on behalf of our partner universities
  • To attend scientific research conferences on behalf of Universities
  • To represent Partner Universities at Embassies of the Russian Federation abroad
  • To accept students and issue them Acceptance letters on behalf of Universities
  • To assist students in preparing necessary documents for Admission and visa
  • To provide students with complete and detailed information regarding studies and living in Russia


Dagestan State Medical University
Russian National Research Medical University named after N.I. Pirogov
First Moscow State Medical University named after I.M.Sechenova
Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University
Chechen State University
Peoples’ Friendship University
Pskov State University
Saint Petersburg State University
Kabardino-Balkarian State University
Tula State Pedagogical University
Siberian State Medical University
Kazan National Research Technical University named after A. N. Tupolev – KAI
Irkutsk National Research Technical University
Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University named after P. A. Solovyov
Grozny State Oil Technical University named after M.D. Millionshikova
Tomsk Polytechnic University
Admiral Ushakov Maritime University
Ulyanov Higher Education School of Civil Aviation
Ural State University of Economics
Saint Petersburg State University of Technologies and Design
Moscow Institute Of Physics And Technology 
Ufa State Aviation Technical University
Siberian State Aerospace University
Kazan State Medical University
Tula State University Medical Institute
Belgorod State University
Altai State Medical University
Yaroslavl State Medical University
Voronezh State Medical Academy named after N.N.Burdenko
Volgograd State Medical University
Vladivostok State Medical University
Ural State Medical University (Yekaterinburg)
Ulyanovsk State University Medical Faculty, Institute of Medicine & Ecology Ulyanovsk
Tyumen State Medical Academy
Tver State Medical Academy
Stavropol State Medical University
State Classical Academy named after Maimonides
South Ural State Medical University
Smolensk State Medical Academy
Saratov State Medical University named after V.I. Razumovsky
Samara State Medical University
Saint Petersburg State Pediatric-Medical University
Saint Petersburg State Medical University I.P. Pavlov
Saint Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical Academy
Saint Petersburg Medical and Technical Institute
Ryazan State Medical University named after Academician I.P. Pavlov
Rostov State Medical University
Bashkir State Medical University
Astrakhan State Medical Academy
Amur State Medical Academy
Izhevsk State Medical Academy
Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy
Petrozavodsk State University
Perm State Pharmaceutical Academy
Perm State Medical Academy
People’s Friendship University of Russia
Penza State University Medical Institute
Pacific State Medical University
Orenburg State Medical Academy
Omsk State Medical Academy
Orel State University
Novosibirsk State Medical University
Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University
Northern State Medical University Arkhangelsk
Institute of Medicine at M.K. Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University
Mechnikov North-Western State Medical University
North Ossetian State Medical Academy
Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy
Naval Academy of Medicine
Evdokimov Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry
Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosov
Moscow Medical Institute of Health Ministry
Moscow Institute of Medico-Social Rehabilitation
Medical Faculty of Ogarev Mordovia State University
Military Medical Academy S. M. Kirov
Kursk State Medical University
Kuban State Medical University
Professor V.F. Voino-Yasenetsky Krasnoyarsk State Medical University
Kirov State Medical University
Kemerovo State Medical Academy
Ivanovo State Medical Academy
Far Eastern State Medical University
Faculty of Medicine at Chuvash State University
Chita State Medical Academy
Faculty of Medicine at Buryat State University
Belgorod State Technological University
Kaliningrad State Technical University
Komsomolsk-on-Amur State Technical University
Kuban State Technological University
K.G. Razumovsky Moscow State University of Тechnologies and Management
South Russian State Technical University (Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute)
Izhevsk State Technical University named after M.T. Kalashnikov
Polzunov Altai State Technical University
Angarsk State Technical Academy
Astrakhan State Technical University
Baltic State Technical University
Bryansk State Technical University
Dagestan State Technical University
Don State Technical University
East Siberian State Technological University
Kuibysheva Far Eastern State Technical University
Ivanovo State Power Engineering University
Kama State Academy of Engineering and Economics
Kamchatka State Technical University
Karachay-Cherkessia State Technological Academy
Kazan State Power Engineering University
Kostroma State Technological University
Krasnoyarsk State Technical University (Siberian Federal University)
Kursk State Technical University
Kuzbass State Technical University
Lipetsk State Technical University
Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University
Maykop State Technological University
Moscow National University of Science and Technology (MiSiS)
Moscow State Industrial University
Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics
Moscow State Technical University of Radiotechnics, Electronics and Automatics
Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnologies
Moscow State University of Instrument Engineering and Information Technologies
Moscow State University of Mechanical Engineering (MAMI)
Moscow State University of Technology (STANKIN)
National Research Nuclear University (MEPhI) “Moscow Engineering Physics Institute”
North-Caucasus Federal University
North Western Open Technical University
Orel State Technical University
Penza State Technological University
Perm National Research Technical University
Russian State Technological University Moscow (MATI)
Russian State University of Innovative Technologies and Business
Ryazan State Radio Engineering University
Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University (LETI)
Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics.
Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University
Saint Petersburg State Technological Institute (Technical University)
Saint Petersburg State Technological University of Plant Polymers
Bonch-Bruevich Saint Petersburg State University of Telecommunications
Samara State Technical University
Yuri Gagarin Saratov State Technical University
Siberian State Industrial University
Siberian State University of Telecommunications and Informatics
Taganrog State Radio Technical University
Tambov State Technical University
Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics
Tver State Technical University
Ukhta State Technical University
Ulyanov State Technical University
Volga State Engineering-Pedagogical University
Volga State University of Technology
Volgograd State Technical University
Vologda State Technical University
Voronezh State Technical University
Voronezh State University of Engineering Technologies
Yaroslavl State Technical University
Aerospace Engineering University of Moscow
Bauman Moscow State Technical University
Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation
Saint Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation
Samara State Aerospace University
Petlyakov Taganrog Avaition College
Troitsk Aviation Technical College
Altai Economics and Law Institute
Kazan Institute of Economics, Management and Law
Ural State Economics University
Khabarovsk State Academy of Economics and Law
Adygea State University
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
Kazan State Finance and Economics Institute
Krasnoyarsk State Institute of Trade and Economics
Kuban State Technological University
Moscow State Economics University
Moscow University of Industrial Finance (SINERGIA)
Pacific State Economics University
Plekhanov State Economics University
Rostov State Economics University
Russian International Academy of Tourism
Russian State University of Tourism and Service
Russian University of Cooperation
Saint Petersburg University of Economics
Saint Petersburg School of Economics and Management
Samara State Economics University
Saratov Socio-Economic Institute
Tyumen State Oil and Gas University
Siberian Institute of International Relations and Regional Studies
Higher School of Economics, Moscow
Russian State University for the Humanities