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All around the world, higher education institutions are looking toward developing and creating their own online learning platforms to improve their ways of educating students. Regular offline form of education is now transformed into mixed forms of education with online learning at the core of this transformation. Today, digital learning has occurred as a necessary resource for students and educators all over the world. All RECAS partner universities provide their students with opportunities to visit online classes on digital studying platforms.  

Online classes in RECAS partner universities are the opportunity to attend classes from any location of student choice. It also allows universities in Russia to reach out to a more extensive network of students, instead of being restricted by geographical boundaries. Additionally, online lectures can be recorded, archived, and shared for future reference. This allows students in RECAS universities to access the learning material at a time of their comfort. 

Online learning in Russian universities offers lecturers an efficient way to deliver study materials to students. Online learning in RECAS universities has several tools such as prerecorded video lectures, online textbooks, and podcasts, as part of digital study plans. By extending the lecture plan beyond traditional textbooks to include online resources, teachers can become more efficient educators. 

Online students from RECAS universities have better opportunities to collaborate with classmates and lecturers through virtual group work and meetings. One of the benefits of online courses is the message boards and online tools that allow students to post their feedback on assignments and respond to their classmates and teachers. 

Online courses in RECAS universities allow students to obtain the same level of degrees that can be earned in a traditional offline educational environment. That includes degrees and professional certifications at the Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels. 

Advantages of Online Education:

  • Flexibility
  • More Free Time
  • Increased Course Variety
  • Career Advancement Opportunities
  • Increased Collaboration
  • Personalized Education
  • Enhanced Time Management Skills 
  • Internationally Recognized Higher Education Degree from Home 
  • Inclusiveness