Adygea State University

General Information

Adyghe State University (ASU) is a leading educational and research center of the Republic of Adygea. The opening of the university marked the beginning of higher education in Adygea, creating the necessary conditions for the emergence of other educational and research institutions in the region.

Today it is one of the leading universities in the South of Russia, which has well-known scientific schools, highly qualified teaching staff, modern technology, and an information base. As a recognized educational, scientific, and cultural center of the region, Adyghe State University continues to develop dynamically and actively participates in the formation of a competitive “knowledge economy”.

The university has become a real source of skilled workers for the domestic and economic complex of the Republic of Adygea and other territories in southern Russia. Its graduates make up a scientific, educational, political, economic, and cultural elite of the region.

For anyone motivated to increase their knowledge and professional competence, Adyghe State University provides the opportunity to study in different educational paths and levels – from preparing to enter the university to obtaining academic degrees and academic titles. Profound professional knowledge and practical experience of university teachers and employees, respect for the classical traditions of the institution, the modern scientific and technical base, and one of the best research libraries of Southern Russia provide a high level of training and allow the university to make a worthy contribution to the development of Adygea.

Study Programs

University provides studying process on the following institutes:

  • Institute of Arts
  • Institute of Physical Culture and Judo ASU|Institute of Physical Culture and Judo
  • Science Research Institute


  • Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Faculty of Adyghe Philology and Culture
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences
  • Faculty of Engineering Physics
  • Faculty of Foreign Languages
  • Faculty of History
  • Faculty of International Relations
  • Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology
  • Faculty of Philology
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Social Technologies and Tourism

Accommodation and Housing

University provides its students with renovated dormitories. All buildings have a convenient location with the modern main study building and are needed for comfortable living facilities. The college is surrounded by parks, food stores, gyms, a shopping mall, and a bank. Every student can visit cafes, restaurants, and museums or go on to walk in the city center.

The student dormitory consists of two three-story buildings. Buildings: “A” and “B” are laterally reversed. There are single and double rooms on every level. Rooms are renovated and equipped with all the needed modern technologies such as cable TV, free Wi-Fi, central heating, and air conditioning systems. Every dorm resident has free access to all rooms such as common kitchens, laundry rooms, living rooms, study rooms, and computer rooms.