Bauman Moscow State Technical University

General Information 

Moscow State Technical University (Bauman Moscow State Technical University) is the first technical university in Russia. Moscow State Technical University is Russia’s National Research University, and Research Center, and a valuable object of cultural heritage for the people of Russia. 

After establishing the main purpose of Imperial Moscow Technical College was to form engineers, architects, and mechanical engineers. In 1938, Moscow Higher Technical School opened the new Department of Defense, later in 1948 the Faculty of Rocketry was added. On July 27, 1989, by the decision of the USSR State Committee for Public Education, Moscow Higher Technical School was named after N.E. Bauman and awarded the status of a technical university. 

Till now the University has trained about 200,000 prominent engineers and technical scientists who are known public figures of high rank, outstanding chief designers, famous scientists, managers of large organizations, and astronauts. Today Bauman Moscow State Technical University has 1,800 international students in 70 study departments and a teaching staff of 4,500 prominent professors and teachers.

The Bauman University Publishing House was established in January 1989 based on the university publishing department. The first issue of Baumanets newspaper was printed on 18 February 1923. At that time the newspaper was called Udarnik. It has been printed for 90 years since then. In 1990 Bauman Publishing House started issuing theoretical and applied broad-scoped “Vestnik MSTU”. There are educational materials in different scientific areas: Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Information and Computer science, Optics, Mechanical, Radio, Instrument and Power Engineering, Laser Technology, Economics, Law, and other subjects.

Study Programs

Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU) offers 35 bachelor’s programs in the following departments:

  • Department of Electronics and Laser Technology            
  • Department of Fundamental Sciences 
  • Department of Engineering Technology              
  • Department of Special Machinery         
  • Department of Power Engineering        
  • Department of Robotics and Complex Automation        
  • Department of Computer Science and Control Systems               
  • Department of Biomedical Technologies            
  • Department of Engineering Business and Management                   
  • Department of Social Sciences and Humanities               
  • Department of Linguistics          
  • Department of Sport and Recreation    

Accommodation and Housing

Bauman Moscow State Technical University provides quality student dormitories for all its international students. All apartments are block-type with two rooms in the block (for 2-3 students), an entrance hall, a toilet, and a bathroom. On every floor is situated one renovated and equipped kitchen with all needed supplies. There is a laundry room in the basement of the hostel. Everyone living in the hostel has access to high-speed Internet

CCTV cameras are installed on each of the 16 floors of the student hostel. On the ground floor of the hostel, there is an inexpensive student canteen where every student can have a hearty, and most importantly, tasty meal or take food with them to the room in special containers. The hostel has a convenient location and is surrounded by food stores and shopping malls.

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