Bryansk State Technical University

General Information 

Bryansk State Engineering-Technological Academy was established following the decision of the Presidium of the Supreme Economic Council of the RSFSR on July 3, 1930. In 2002 university was included in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities as a state educational institution of higher professional education. In 2002 following a decision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science of Russia, it was renamed Bryansk State Technical University.

 BSTU is an academic, scientific, and research center. It carries out a wide variety of educational programs in engineering for secondary education, higher education in IT, and additional professional training to study mechanical engineering, study metalworking, study metallurgy and materials engineering, study power engineering, study transportation, study electronics, study electrical engineering, and study computer science in Russia

University alumni are in great demand in the international labor market. They are ready to perform highly skilled work that meets world-class standards and they enjoy continuous professional and cultural development with social and professional mobility. Due to numerous cooperation agreements with foreign universities, students and members of academic staff have the option of participating in exchange programs and internships abroad.

Study Programs 

University provides studying process at the following institutes:

  • Institute of Forest Complex, Transport, and Ecology
  • Institute of Construction
  • Institute of Engineering
  • Institute of General Science Training and Development

Accommodation and Housing 

The Bryansk State Technical University has four student dormitories. The campus has a health center, a dining room, a food shop, and a stadium, where sports competitions in various sports are held.

The dormitories are equipped with fire alarms and firefighting equipment. There are alarm buttons on the dormitories to call the police. In dormitory number 4, there is a police room, where a police officer works permanently, and the staff of the student operational detachment. There is a pass-through mode in the dormitories. All rooms have access to free Wi-fi and are equipped with essential modern amenities like a pillow, blanket, bedsheet, beds, tables, and chairs that are already added to the basic necessity list. For student recreation gyms, reading rooms and sports complex facilities are also available.