Dagestan State Pedagogical University

General Information

Dagestan State Pedagogical University is a state university in the Southern Federal District of Russia located in the city of Makhachkala, the capital of the Republic of Dagestan. The University was founded on 1 November 1943. Although, in some sources, the day of establishment mentions 12 November 1917 when the Pedagogical Institute was opened in the town Temirkhan-Shura (modern Buynaksk). 

On 1 November 1943, the Dagestan Women’s Teacher‘s Institute was organized, in which girls of the indigenous ethnicities of Dagestan were trained as teachers for the seven-year schools of the republic. In 1994, the institute was transformed into the Dagestan State Pedagogical University. More than 15 thousand people study at the DSPU (Dagestan State Pedagogical University) every year. In the second half of the 2000s, DSPU (Dagestan State Pedagogical University) ranked second in terms of the number of students among the universities of the Southern Federal District. DSPU (Dagestan State Pedagogical University) has 15 faculties (including one institute). An accessible environment is the creation of conditions for integration into the public life of people with disabilities. This is an integrated approach to the arrangement and implementation of a barrier-free environment, with the help of which disabled people will quickly adapt to society and feel happier.

The program Accessible Environment for the Disabled is designed for all groups of the population with limited mobility. This includes wheelchair users, the visually impaired, and the hearing impaired. The result of this program should be the availability of all infrastructure facilities – transport, educational institutions, government agencies, cultural facilities, and so on for all categories of citizens.

Study Programs

  • Biology, Geography, and Chemistry
  • Dagestan Philology
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Foreign Languages
  • Historical
  • Institute of Physics and Mathematics Information and Technological Education
  • Primary School
  • Management and Law
  • Social Pedagogy and Psychology
  • Special (defectological) Education
  • Vocational-Pedagogical Education
  • Physical Culture and Life Safety
  • Philological
  • Artistic and Graphics
  • Musical and Pedagogical
  • Master Degree Programs
  • Doctorate Degree Programs

Accommodation and Housing 

The University provides dormitories to the students. The number of available rooms is 516. The administration of the university provides all facilities such as central heating, Wi-Fi, hot and cold running water, permanent access to the gym, library, reading rooms, and all equipment students need for studying and living. University provides free access to the University Library, reading rooms, studying rooms, and all necessary for studying process equipment and materials.