Don State Technical University

General Information 

Don State Technical University was established on May 20, 1930. University held its educational activity in the field of mechanical engineering, technical science, computer science, IT courses, and biomechanical sciences. Universities become the best technical educational institutions in Russia to get higher degrees in Russia

DSTU offers Bachelor’s courses, Master’s courses, and Ph.D. study programs at 24 study faculties. The university is forming its strategies and activities in the context of global changes on a worldwide basis providing innovative higher education. Focusing on employability and competitiveness as the key factors of human resources sustainability of modern society, DSTU provides innovative methods of studying and technologies for competence-based and student-oriented learning programs.

University international activities include exchange programs and joint research projects, international networking, international centers for European studies, internships abroad, innovative resource management, language and culture centers, youth and summer schools (Russian as a foreign language), and international sports and social activities

DSTU supports young innovators and scientists, develops scientific and research infrastructure, actively participates in foreign study programs, and widens cooperation with the world scientific community. It intends not only to maintain the leading position among the regional universities but to reach a qualitatively new level, becoming the center for talented youth and the driver of the Don region’s economic growth.

Study Programs

DSTU is one of the most famous technical universities in Russia. Students benefit from the extraordinary human and technical resources of the world-class education and research institution. DSTU academic staff have an excellent reputation for constant self-improvement in their fields and dedication to students through both classroom instruction and independent study advising.

Today DSTU offers more than 370 Bachelor study programs, Master study programs, and Ph.D. programs in 5 major faculties:

  • Faculty of Natural Sciences
  • Faculty of Engineering and Technology
  • Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Humanities

Accommodation and Housing 

University has 8 student hostels that offer comfortable living for 4,000 international students. Every hostel resident can use every common room in the building, including the library, gym, canteen, and resting rooms. All rooms are well-furnished and ready to use at any time and day. Every room is supplied with modern technologies such as computers, cable TV, free Wi-Fi, central heating systems, air condition systems, and audiovisual equipment.

The main university campus is located in the green area in the heart of Rostov on-Don and offers a wide range of facilities to satisfy various interests and needs. The biggest Congress hall in Rostov provides all kinds of University facilities with its Concert hall for 1500 seats, Press conference hall, and 20 multimedia rooms for breakout sessions equipped with top-level equipment for presentations and multi-language broadcasting.