Far Eastern State University of Humanities

General Information

Far Eastern State University of Humanities is a university of the Khabarovsk Krai of Far Eastern Russia. Far Eastern State University of Humanities was initially established as a Pedagogical Institute. The decision to establish a new Pedagogical Institute in the Far East of the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) was made in the year 1934. Following the development of the institute and overall faculty growth in 1994, by the decision of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the institute was transformed into Pedagogical University. In 2005, following the federal decision it was renamed as Far Eastern State University of Humanities. In early 1990 the University established a cooperation partnership with Lewis & Clark College (Portland, OR, USA). There are also established relations with the University of Hawaii (USA), and Osaka University (Japan), as well as cooperation agreements with the University of Zurich (Switzerland) and the University of Augsburg (Germany). In addition to student exchange programs, this allows for joint scientific research and development studies.

Currently, Far Eastern State University of Humanities has 6 campuses with specialized study and lecture halls and laboratories. There is an extensive library with specialized divisions for science, psychology, and pedagogical practices, as well as the rare books division and international literature division.

Study Programs

  • Institute of Psychology and Management
  • Faculty of Physical Culture
  • Faculty of Biology and Chemistry
  • Art and Design Division
  • History Department
  • Institute of Mathematics, Physics, and Information Technology
  • Faculty of Philology
  • Faculty of Special Psychology and Pedagogy
  • Institute of Linguistics and International Communications
  • Eastern Languages Department

Accommodation and Housing 

Dorms consist of eight rooms per floor, with 2-3 people per room. Each floor also has one kitchen and two toilets, and the basement has a shower. Students cannot select their own rooms. It is advisable to apply early, as the number of rooms is limited. Some students may not be comfortable with dorm rules, as they are often considered strict. The dormitories have the following facilities: kitchen, laundry room, medical aid cabinet, gym, reading room, and free Internet connection.