Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University

General Information

Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University is a higher education institution located in Vladivostok. The University was established in 1930 and trains specialists for marine fleets, fisheries, and food industries with the implementation of modern teaching methods and research activities.

Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University has 15 study faculties and 45 study departments. At present Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University trains more than 6,500 students under 700 highly qualified educators. During its journey, Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University has trained 25,000 professionals and provided them with the opportunity to work in the most famous international and state organization worldwide. 

Graduates of FESTFU are always in demand in the industry. Innovations of scientists of the Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University are successfully applied in the industry. And FESTFU’s plants on reproduction and cultivation of aquatic organisms are the only educational and research centers in the region where students undertake the internship abroad together with scientists, being engaged in the cultivation of marine fauna

FESTFU successfully prepares specialists for the fisheries and the food industry who can speak foreign languages such as Chinese and Korean. The Primorsky Territory is in constant need of such specialists, considering lots of business here is conducted with foreign countries, especially Asia-Pacific countries.

Study Programs

Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University provides study programs at the following institutes:

  • Asian-Pacific Countries Centre 

(Fields of study: Korean, Asian Studies, Chinese, Cultural Studies)

  •  Russian-Japanese Technological Studies Centre 

(Fields of study: Technology)

  • Distance Education Institute 
  • Economics and Management Institute 

(Fields of study: Banking, Marketing, Finance, Accountancy, Economics, Management)

  • Fishery and Aquaculture Institute 

(Fields of study: Aquaculture, Fishery)

  •  International Studies Institute 

(Fields of study: Aquaculture, Fishery, Food Technology, Economics, Management)

  •  Navigation Institute 

(Fields of study: Marine Transport)

  •  Pre-College Training Institute 

(Fields of study: Fishery)

  •  Regional Institute 

(Fields of study: Marine Transport, Food Science)

Accommodation and Housing 

University has 11 student dormitories. Students usually live in a university dormitory, which is the nearest to their Institute. Each dormitory has an internet connection and recreation hall; many dormitories have gyms and other sports facilities.

There are 2 or 3 students in a room and bathrooms and kitchens on each floor. Petrozavodsk has a well-developed public transport system, so you can get anywhere you want from each dormitory building. Every room is equipped with modern furniture such as beds, tables, wardrobes, chairs, bedding that changed twice a month, and freely accessible Wi-Fi. 

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