Glazov State Pedagogical Institute

General Information 

Glazov State Pedagogical Institute is an institute of higher pedagogical education in Glazov, Udmurt Republic, Russia. In 1939 in accordance with the Council of People’s Commissars of Udmurt Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic resolution, the Glazov Teacher‘s Institute was established. In 1946, it was named after the famous Russian writer Vladimir Korolenko. In 1952, it was reorganized into the Glazov State Pedagogical Institute and included two faculties: Philology, and Physics and Mathematics. In 1956, the first graduation of teachers took place.

In 1998, the branch of the institute was founded in Izhevsk. In addition, there are offices in all pedagogical colleges of Udmurt Republic: in Mozhga, Sarapul, Igra, Votkinsk, Debyosy, Uva, Yar, and Balezino. Nowadays, in the institute, the education process is organized into four faculties.

Study Programs

  • Faculty of Computer Science, Physics, and Mathematics
  • Faculty of Social Communications and Philology
  • Faculty of Pedagogical and Art Education
  • Faculty of History and Linguistics
  • Master Degree Programs
  • Ph.D. Degree Programs
  • School of Science

Accommodation and Housing 

Glazov State Pedagogical Institute offers four comfortable hostels to local and international students. Places in the dormitories are provided to non-resident students of budgetary and extrabudgetary forms of education. Favorable conditions have been created in each dormitory for preparation for classes and recreation: reading rooms, laundries, utility rooms, TV rooms, and buffets are equipped. In two dormitories there are blocks of increased comfort with an additional service of housing and communal services in rooms and blocks. Annually, cosmetic repairs are carried out in the dormitories, and soft and hard equipment is purchased. Various leisure activities are held in the dormitories, student self-government bodies work, and security is carried out, including by the forces of the Sirius student law enforcement unit. Every year, the hostels of the Glazov State Pedagogical Institute and student councils win prizes in the republican competitions of hostels among the universities of the Udmurt Republic.