Grozny State Oil Technical University named after M.D. Millionshikova

About University 

Grozny State Oil Technical University is a public university located in Grozny, Chechen Republic, Russia. Grozny State Oil Technical University (GSOTU) was founded in 1920 as the Higher Petroleum Technical School, consisting of eight divisions, two of which were higher. The first graduation of engineers took place in 1925. In 1929, the school acquired the status of a university of union importance. By the middle of the 1980s, the scientific-pedagogical and material-technical potential of the institute made it possible to conduct training in almost all specialties of the technological cycle and study oil and gas production

Grozny State Oil Technical University is forming its scientific schools, known not only in the country but also abroad. The scientists of the institute were engaged in fundamental developments in studying oil and gas geology and studying geophysics, studying drilling, and study development of oil and gas wells, study oil refining and petrochemistry, study thermal physics, and sturdy construction. Over its history, Grozny State Oil Technical University has trained more than 50,000 specialists for various sectors of the country’s economy. 

At present, the material and technical base of the institute consists of study buildings that meet the requirements and standards of the educational process, equipped with language laboratories, computer classes, and modern educational laboratories. There are 30 laboratories and 15 computer classes in all faculties of the institute. 

Since 2006, the Information and Computing Center started to conduct its activity. The issue of intra-university publications is carried out by the publishing and printing center of the institute. The institute’s library is equipped with the necessary technical means for storing and issuing books. Today, the general book fund of the institute is about 250,000 copies. 

The educational process at the university is carried out by about 550 high-qualified teachers, including 15 doctors of science, 70 candidates of science, 30 professors, and 75 associate professors. More than 37 university study departments of the institute train specialists in over 50 study specialties. The institute trains about 6,500 students, including more than 3,500 full-time students. Over the past five years, the institute has graduated more than 5,000 alumni, 150 of whom received a higher degree with honors.

Getting an education in Russia at Grozny State Oil Technical University provides a student with the exceptional groundwork for their career growth. Having a higher degree in Russia from Grozny State Oil Technical University gives you confidence in your bright future and unfathomable career opportunities in Russia.


Grozny State Oil Technical University provides its students with access to Globally Recognized Courses in Europe, the UK, the USA, Asia, and Africa. Students will have an opportunity to boost their knowledge and get new practical skills during internships abroad. University has numerous cooperation and collaboration agreements with a vast amount of foreign universities and international organizations. Due to it, all students can take part in exchange programs to increase their mobility and level of experience.  A university degree in Russia is recognized by UNESCO, PLAB (the UK), USMLE (the USA), PMDC, and other international organizations throughout the EU and Asia. 

Grozny State Petroleum Institute (GGNI) received the official status of the Technical University of GSTU. It provides an implementation of research results and development strategies in priority areas of elaboration of STC of Russia for 2020-2026. An umbrella project on the creation of a pilot geothermal station based on the implementation of a circulatory usage scheme of deep heat of the Earth was implemented in life.

Faculties and Courses

  • Institute of Applied Information Technologies
  • Institute of Oil and Gas
  • Institute of Economics and Law
  • Institute for Advanced Studies and Retraining

University Courses:

  • Ecology and Nature Management
  • Architecture
  • Construction
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Information Systems and Technologies
  • Heat Power Engineering and Heat Engineering
  • Electric Power and Electrical Engineering
  • Technological Machines and Equipment
  • Design and Technological Support of Machine-Building Production
  • Chemical Technology
  • Food from Vegetables Raw Materials
  • Technosphere Safety
  • Oil and Gas Business
  • Land Management and Cadastres
  • Technologies of Transport Processes
  • Land Transport and Technological Complex
  • ​​Technosphere Safety
  • Oil and Gas Business
  • Land Management and Cadastres
  • The technology of Transport Processes
  • Land Transport and Technological Complexes
  • The exploitation of Transport and Technological Machines 
  • Standardization and Metrology
  • Management in Technical Systems
  • Economics
  • Management
  • State and Municipal Administration
  • Business Informatics
  • Jurisprudence


All international students are free to use university-managed student accommodation. The building of Student Hostel is situated within 15 minutes on foot from the main building of the university. It is a 5-story building, wherein each story has 5 shared laundry rooms and almost 7 study rooms with modern study equipment.

2 types of rooms can accommodate over 500 students in total. The system of residence is separate for boys and girls. Students live in shared rooms for 2-3 persons with central heating, full furniture, bedding, a balcony with a picturesque view, shower room, toilet, washbasin room, cable TV with informative channels, security guards, reception, laundry, cleaning, and washing personnel, reading rooms, computer hall, Internet hall, recreation hall, 24-hour medical center, well-equipped gyms with hi-tech machines.

About City 

Grozny is the biggest city and capital of the Republic of Chechnya, Russia. It lies along the Sunzha River at the foot of the Sunzha Range of the Caucasus. The main language in Grozny is Chechen, you can hear it in every shop and state body. However, you can use English and be confident that you will be understood by city residents. Russians and other nations are respected here, but since most Chechens live here, people increasingly prefer their native language. The city is full of shopping malls, Russian restaurants, cafes, historical museums, recreation places, and architectural buildings.

Now, Grozny is a developed city with many new modern buildings, business centers, and new beautiful office buildings. In Grozny, the streets are actively restored, which gives the city a special comfort, which is not found in every city in the North Caucasus. In Grozny, over the past decade, many new schools and modern universities have been opened. Education in Russia and in the city is reaching a new level, which attracts to the city young people from all the republics of the North Caucasus.