International Student Day with RECAS

On November 17 each year, International Students’ Day is celebrated to emphasize the value of education for all students. Numerous universities worldwide hold events to promote multiculturalism and diversity on International Students’ Day annually. Students raise their voices for equal access to education during the events. Students are encouraged to participate in activism in various areas, such as politics, environment, and economics.

Our Partner Universities provide a vast amount of leisure activities to celebrate the national holiday. Universities host events such as cultural performances, food markets, sports competitions, and academic workshops. Movie nights, workshops, carnivals, and cultural festivals are regularly held in all our partner educational establishments. Students from our partner Universities in Russia always take part in a variety of events like essay-writing competitions, student concerts and performances, art evenings, trivia nights, and other entertaining activities. 

We aim to increase the level of communication between students and academic staff in RECAS Universities, improve the level of language, and celebrate the achievements of young people and their contributions to University communities around the world. Every student of our partner universities in Russia gets the chance to meet friends with diverse backgrounds and ethnicities and learn about their way of thinking through cultural activities. 

In conclusion, International Students Day praises the contributions students make to their communities around the world. Studying in Russia and abroad definitely helps you experience a whole new culture, making your travel experiences much more enriching and interesting. It gives a platform for students to be heard on issues related to education, the environment, and economics.