Karelia State Pedagogical Academy

General Information 

Karelian State Pedagogical Academy (KSPA)  is a federal budgetary state educational institution of higher professional education, located in Petrozavodsk (Republic of Karelia). The first higher educational institution was established in Karelia on August 24, 1931, as the Karelian State Pedagogical Institute (KSPI). In February 2013, KSPA (Karelian State Pedagogical Academy) was reorganized by joining Petrozavodsk State University. At the end of the independent existence of the KSPA (Karelian State Pedagogical Academy), it included 9 faculties and trained about 4,000 students and graduate students.  

Study Programs

  • Faculty of History
  • Faculty of Foreign Languages 
  • Faculty of Primary Education
  • Faculty of Physical Culture
  • Faculty of History and Philology
  • Faculty of Physics and Mathematics
  • Faculty of Technology and Entrepreneurship
  • Faculty of Preschool and Social Pedagogy and Psychology
  • Faculty of Psychology

Accommodation and Housing 

Karelian State Pedagogical Academy provides accommodation to its students. Dormitories consist of eight rooms per floor, with 2-3 people per room. Each floor has one kitchen and two toilets, and the basement has a shower. Students cannot select their own rooms. Students have to apply early, as the number of rooms is limited. The Dormitories have the following facilities: kitchen, laundry room, medical aid cabinet, gym, reading room, and free Internet connection.