Kazan State Power Engineering University

General Information

Kazan State Power Engineering University is a public institute in Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia. It trains specialists in power engineering and is one of three power engineering institutions of higher education in the Russian Federation and takes one of the leading places in the region in quality of education, availability of technical equipment, and conditions of scientific research and study process

The university trains specialists in 14 study directions to study bachelor’s courses and master’s courses, and in 11 directions of training specialists (31 technical specialties) on full-time courses, evening courses, and correspondence courses. Based on the Kazan State, Power Engineering University operates the Scientific Research Institute of Power Engineering problems. 

The main aim of studying activity is to resolve tasks in the areas of heat and electric power industry, electrical engineering and electronics, environment conservation, and rational utilization of the resources of the Republic of Tatarstan, Volga Region, and Western Urals. On the amount and the quality, scientific works performed by KSPEU are among the best among the educational institutions of higher learning in the Russian Federation.

The university is equipped with modern corporate information and computing network, uniting all the subdivisions of the KSPEU, successfully used in the educational process and scientific research, Internet classes. The University has a publishing-polygraphic complex, equipped with modern equipment for producing books, methodical literature, scientific journals, etc.

Study Programs 

University provides studying process at the following faculties:

  • Institute of Heat Power Engineering 
  • Institute of Electric Power Engineering and Electronics
  • Institute of Economics and Information Technologies

Accommodation and Housing 

The Kazan State Power Engineering University has two student dormitories, located near the study buildings. Rooms are equipped with modern furniture and bedding to make life there comfortable.

Students can find their national food being served in the hostel canteens and also many restaurants and other necessary stores are nearby. The infrastructure is well-developed and the environment is friendly and safe. The rooms are well-furnished and clean. There are laundry rooms and dining areas as well. The hostel provides all needed facilities for students such as modern furniture, changed bedding, TV, free Wi-Fi, reading rooms, studying rooms, a hostel library, a common kitchen, and separate bathrooms and toilets.