Kemerovo State University of Culture and Arts

General Information 

Kemerovo State University of Culture and the Arts is located in Kemerovo, Kemerovo Oblast, Russia. The university was established in 1969. It is accredited by The State Service for Control and Supervision in Education of the Kemerovo Province. Academy is one of the best higher institutions to study in Russia and get higher education in Russia.

The University has basic study departments, that allows local and international students to be involved in practical activity during the educational process, e.g. students have industrial placement internship, write course works, scientific projects, and scientific works according to specific tasks of the enterprises and companies.

The university is constantly developing. It involves foreign teachers in the educational process, international internships, and double degree programs. The graduates of University get the European supplement to their higher degree, which confirms knowledge and skills, the level of specialist preparation, and is recognized all over the world.

Study Programs 

University provides studying processes at the following faculties:

  • Faculty of Musical Arts
  • Faculty of Socio-Cultural Technologies
  • Faculty of Direction and Acting
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Visual Arts
  • Faculty of Information and Library Technology

Accommodation and Housing 

Students’ hostels have single rooms and double rooms which are fully equipped for life and the study process. Canteens offer a variety of dishes at reasonable prices. There are a food market and grocery stores nearby for those who prefer to cook themselves. Students’ cafes, bars, and city parks are popular places for entertainment and outdoor recreation.

Every hostel resident can use every common room in the building, including the library, gym, canteen, and resting rooms. All rooms are well-furnished and ready to use at every time and day. Accommodations are supplied with refrigerators, shared kitchens, reading rooms, studying rooms, a hostel library, and separate bathrooms and toilets. Hostels are under 24/7 CCTV surveillance, so every student can feel safe and comfortable.