Kuzbass State Pedagogical Academy

General Information

Kuzbass State Pedagogical Academy is a higher educational institution in the south of the Kemerovo Region, which trained teaching staff mainly for this region, and in some specialties – for the entire Kuzbass. Since 2014, it has been part of the Kuzbass Humanitarian and Pedagogical Institute of Kemerovo State University. The Stalin Teachers’ Institute was established in 1939 to train teachers. Then, in 1944, the Stalin Pedagogical Institute was established to train middle and senior teachers. Since 1954 Stalin State Pedagogical Institute

Since 1961 Novokuznetsk State Pedagogical Institute. Since 1997 Kuzbass State Pedagogical Academy. At 10 faculties of the academy, teachers with higher education were trained in 13 basics and 10 additional specialties. Since 1995, at the request of the Department of Education of the region, the training of teachers of history has been resumed at the academy, and the training of teachers of informatics and entrepreneurship has been licensed and started. Since 1999, training in the specialty “Pedagogy and Psychology” has been carried out. Teachers of the Shor language and literature have been trained since 1993.

Study Programs

  • Faculty of Physics and Mathematics 
  • Faculty of Natural Geographic
  • Faculty of History and Philology 
  • Physical Culture
  • Technological and Economic
  • Preschool and correctional pedagogy and psychology
  • Pedagogy and methods of primary education
  • Educational Psychology

Accommodation and Housing 

The university provides a dormitory for foreign students or students from other cities. The administration of the university provides all facilities such as central heating, free Wi-Fi, hot and cold running water, permanent access to the gym, library, reading rooms, and all equipment students need for studying and living. University provides free access to the University Library, reading rooms, studying rooms, and all necessary for studying process equipment and materials.