Kuzbass State Technical University

General Information 

The Kuzbass State Technical University is a university in Kemerovo that was founded in 1950 as the Kemerovo Mining Institute. Now it is the largest higher educational institution in the region that provides quality education for international students and get them recognized higher degree.

The university has an imposing personnel’s potential. There are 684 qualified lecturers in it. More than 60 of them are academicians and associate members, State prize and Russia’s Government prize laureates, and Honored Scientists are among the professors of the university and there are 68 Ph. Ds. Some leading specialists ( including 24 Ph. Ds) of various branches of industry work at the university and provide quality educational processes.

University provides a studying process at the 8 study faculties and 52 study departments, well-equipped laboratories, a research institute, a computer center, a large university library, and 2 university museums in it. The training for 32 technical and humanity specialties is carried out. 

University provides a studying process for more than 11,000 students. All of them have the options of full-time studying and correspondence studying on undergraduate courses, postgraduate courses, and doctoral courses in Russia. There is a postgraduate course for 19 study specialties. Students working on a doctor’s degree and postgraduate degree can present their thesis to the Scientific Board of the university. The total number of graduates is about 52,000 prominent engineers, politicians, scientists, and economists. There are Heroes of Socialist Labour, the heads of regional, and municipal administrations, representatives of different Ministries and Departments, academicians, and associate members of various Academies among them. 

Study Programs 

University provides a studying process at the following institutes:

  • Mining Institute
  • Institute of Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, and Motor Vehicles
  • Construction Institute
  • Faculty of Fundamental Training
  • Institute of Chemical and Petroleum Technologies
  • Institute of Economics and Governance
  • Institute of Energy

Accommodation and Housing 

Student accommodations are located just a short walk from the Kuzbass State Technical University campus. You can choose from new modern studios with a bathroom and kitchen, and bright and airy bedrooms, all finished to the highest standards. 

The accommodation is situated at the heart of Kemerovo, where students can come together to socialize, relax and make those priceless university memories. It includes a lounge with comfortable chill-out areas, large TV, vending machine, and ping-pong tables. All rooms are well-furnished and ready to use at every time and day. Every room is supplied with modern technologies such as computers, cable TV, free Wi-Fi, central heating systems, air condition systems, and audiovisual equipment.