Lipetsk State Pedagogical University

General Information

Lipetsk State Pedagogical University is a public university located in Lipetsk, Russia. It was founded in 1949 on the basis of the Lipetsk Pedagogical Vocational School as a teacher‘s institute. In 1931, the Lipetsk Pedagogical Vocational School was established, which trained primary school teachers. 

At that time, the institute had about 200 students and 2 faculties: historical-philological and physical-mathematical. In 1954, in connection with the acquisition of the status of a regional center by Lipetsk, by order of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic dated 8 June 1954, the teacher‘s institute was transformed into the Lipetsk State Pedagogical Institute

Since 1975, foreign students began to study at the institute. On 10 October 2000, the institute was renamed the Lipetsk State Pedagogical University. In 2016, the university was named after Pyotr Semyonov-Tyan-Shansky, a Russian geographer and statistician. Since February 2016, the university has included 6 specialized independent institutes, which were created on the basis of 13 previously functioning faculties.

Study Programs

  • Institute of Natural, Mathematical, and Technical Sciences
  • Institute of History, Law and Social Sciences
  • Institute of Psychology and Education
  • Institute of Physical Culture and Sports
  • Institute of Philology
  • Institute of Culture and Art

Accommodation and Housing 

Lipetsk State Pedagogical University provides accommodation to the students. Students are offered to live in well-heated and fully furnished comfortable rooms. Accommodation facilities for students are organized on a sharing basis. There is a twin – and triple – rooms. Male and female students live separately on different floors. All the hostels for students are protected by the police. There are special rooms for students where they can socialize, have fun and make new friends. All the rooms are provided with a bed, mattress, pillow, blanket, desk, chair, heater, and lighting, suitable for both: study and relaxation, as well as Internet access and telephone for students to get in touch with their close friends and relatives.