Lipetsk State Technical University

General Information 

Lipetsk State Technical University (LSTU) is one of the leading educational institutions of the Central Black-Earth region of the Russian Federation. Established in 1956 as the Evening faculty of Tula Mechanical Institute, it become the first and only technical university in the region to study technical science and engineering in Russia. 

University began its history with training specialists majoring in the technology of mechanical engineering, metal-cutting machines, machinery and technology of foundry. For more than 50 years of its history, LSTU has been committed to the concept of its development concentrated on guaranteeing the quality of professional training of a highly qualified workforce and on raising the prestige of engineering education and technical science.

The university provides studying processes in 14 modern educational and laboratory buildings, a scientific and technical library with 900,000 storage units and about 60,000 full-text electronic documents, a student dormitory, a sports complex with a swimming pool, and modern laboratory equipment.

All of the university’s international research and educational cooperation develops based on 37 bilateral (multilateral) agreements. LSTU cooperates with higher education institutions in Italy, Denmark, Germany, Poland, China, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovakia, Portugal, and neighboring countries.

Study Programs

University provides studying process at the following faculties:

  • Faculty of Physics and Technology;
  • Faculty of Transport Engineering;
  • Faculty of Automation and Computer Science;
  • Faculty of Construction;
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Studies;
  • Faculty of Economics;
  • Extramural Faculty;
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering;
  • Metallurgical Institute;
  • Research Institute.

Accommodation and Housing 

Students are offered to live in well-heated and fully furnished comfortable rooms. Accommodation facilities for students are organized on a sharing basis. There is a twin – and triple – rooms. Male and female students live separately on different floors. All the hostels for students are protected by the police.

 There are special rooms for students where they can socialize, have fun and make new friends. All the rooms are provided with a bed, mattress, pillow, blanket, desk, chair, heater, and lighting, suitable for both: study and relaxation, as well as Internet access and telephone for students to get in touch with their close friends and relatives.