Maykop State Technological University

General Information 

Maikop State Technological University was established in 1993 as a multi-level and multidisciplinary academic school, a center for modern education and research. University is the best place to get quality technical higher education in Russia and increase students’ potential in the labor market in Russia and abroad. The university conducts pre-university training for international applicants in technical science, medical and biological science, economical science, and humanity science

University provides a studying process for over 9,500 students in undergraduate courses and postgraduate students, prominent teachers, and staff. Instruction is delivered by highly-qualified specialists, with degrees of Doctor of Science and Ph.D. degrees. The University offers a wide range of training programs for higher education and secondary vocational education, postgraduate training programs, and programs of additional vocational training

MSTU is the only university in the Republic of Adygea that trains specialists with technical degrees in several construction courses, geodesy, and land development courses, vehicles, forestry and landscape architecture courses, agriculture courses, environmental engineering and environmental protection courses, and healthcare courses.

Maikop State Technological University contributes significantly to the training of specialists for foreign countries within the framework of international agreements in the area of education. The International Relations Department educates over 700 applicants and students from more than 30 countries across the world both in the pre-university training programs and degree programs.

Study Programs 

University provides studying process at the following faculties:

  • Faculty of Postgraduate Vocational Education
  • Faculty of Information Technology
  • Faculty of Agricultural Technology
  • Faculty of Environmental Engineering
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Faculty of Economics and Service
  • Faculty of International Education
  • Faculty of Management
  • Faculty of Information Systems in Economics and Law
  • Medical Institute
  • Polytechnic College

Accommodation and Housing 

Dormitories are fully equipped with modern engineering communications: central heating, hot, and cold water supply, sewerage, and electricity supply. To safely live students there is a pass mode, a watch equipped with telephones for emergency calls to the police, and rescue services.

Every hostel resident can use every common room in the building, including the library, gym, canteen, and resting rooms. All rooms are well-furnished and ready to use at every time and day. Every room is supplied with modern technologies such as computers, cable TV, free Wi-Fi, central heating systems, air condition systems, and audiovisual equipment.