Modern Technology Equipment Universities

Modern technologies play a crucial role in the daily life of society. Every step, every action, and every decision is made with the assistance of our smartphones, computers, or other gadgets. Technologies have impacted almost every aspect of life and education isn’t an exception. The use of modern technical equipment has profoundly influenced education development, expanded the opportunity for collaboration and communication between teachers and students, and given them the ability to transform education in many ways, from making it easier for teachers to create instructional materials to enabling new ways for students to learn and work together. 

RECAS Partner Universities promote the use of modern technologies during the academic period to increase the level of perception of information by students and promote the use and creation of general databases of knowledge with theoretical materials and methods necessary for teaching. If you want to study abroad and obtain a high-quality education in Russia – RECAS is the right option for you!

Modern Technologies in Medicine 

To study medicine in Russia RECAS partner universities supply their classrooms with special medical studying equipment. It aims to increase the education level among young medical students to conduct research in the fields of medical science and healthcare, and prevent diseases using the best available technologies to make the studying process more interesting and effective. 

The student has permanent access to such equipment:

  • VR Technologies;
  • Neurotechnology;
  • 3D Printing;
  • Telemedicine;
  • Healthcare Digital Assistance;
  • Robotic Surgery;
  • Simulation Centers;
  • Smart Pacemakers.

The use of modern medical equipment makes studying medicine easier and more enjoyable. Students boost their knowledge, discover new fields of medical and healthcare science, increase their level of practical skills, and learn how to implement them in real life. 

Interactive Classes

RECAS Partner Universities offer students permanent access to all study technologies. University study rooms are supplied with modern audiovisual equipment such as:

  • Interactive Whiteboards;
  • Digital Textbooks;
  • Portable Smart Boards;
  • Laptops or Tablets;
  • 3D Monitors;
  • Computer Classes; 
  • Wireless Charging Technologies;
  • Projectors;
  • Voice User Interfaces (VUIs);
  • Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). 

During a study of humanities and technical disciplines in Russian universities large interactive whiteboards give students and lecturers the ability to digitally save, retrieve, and edit handwritten content. Easily bring up and revise whiteboard content from earlier in the class period or a previous class to expand on ideas, clarify concepts, address errors, or connect to future topics. A portable smartboard is a large touchscreen monitor that allows multiple users to interact with apps, including a whiteboard and web browser.

Projectors can be a great tool for integrating educational technology in the classroom. 3D Monitors enable students to see content on the screen with more depth and Voice User Interfaces (VUIs) interact with a system through voice or speech commands.